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We’re pleased to announce that PM360, a leading trade magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries, has named our patient experience platform as one of the most Innovative Services of 2019.

Ashfield Patient Solutions developed this platform, underpinned by Health Cloud from Salesforce, to provide a joined-up experience that reaches across the right channels for every individual. It gives care partners, Clinical Educators and patients themselves a 360º view of the treatment journey drawing upon a wide range of information such as medication administration tracking, visits to the specialist and data from wearable technology. This delivery of advanced data, analytics and real-time reporting allows for faster response to patients’ evolving needs, improving their adherence and persistence, and provides aggregated data and actionable insights for our clients.

“We are delighted that our patient experience platform has received this industry recognition,” noted Nareda Mills, President of Ashfield Patient Solutions, U.S. “Patient support programs are a key component of a healthcare system striving to become more patient centric. Having this omnichannel technology in our Patient Support Programs truly helps us meet the patient where they are.”

Ashfield’s patient experience platform was selected as part of PM360’s 8th Annual Innovations Issue published each December. This issue was established to serve as a guide to the year’s most innovative Companies, Startups, Divisions, Products, Services, and Strategies from within the healthcare and life sciences industries. This comprehensive overview of the year’s most innovative achievements in these six categories helps other companies in the industry to find potential partners and offerings that can help them advance healthcare and life sciences.

“For the past eight years, we have worked to help the industry identify the latest and most exciting advancements that facilitate change in the industry, how it operates, or offer new advancements that better serve patients, doctors, payers, and others involved,” says Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher of PM360. “We hope this guide can serve as an important resource for the industry throughout 2020 as we all work to improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved.”

PM360 received hundreds of submissions from across the healthcare and life sciences industries. The editorial staff of PM360 evaluated each submission and selected their picks for the most innovative, regardless of category. Ultimately, 60 total innovations were featured in the issue. Within the Service category, a total of 10 services were featured.

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