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Celebrating the parts and the whole – employee recognition and business wins of 2016

On December 2, 2016, Ashfield Commercial and Clinical in the US celebrated an exciting and successful year at the annual holiday party. This year’s event was hosted at a unique new venue, fit to accommodate the 300 guests in attendance. The Fuge is a large venue near the Ivyland office that features aeronautic relics of yesteryear, aglow with Ashfield themed lighting and décor.

The evening began with an intimate cocktail hour to recognize the winners of the Movers and Shakers Awards. Presented by Mike Stout and Kristin Ortlieb, each recipient was praised for his or her unique contributions and efforts as recognized by leadership.

Once the party kicked off with the larger cocktail hour, hundreds of Ashfield employees filled the room to mingle, enjoying “Ashfield-tinis” and hors d’oeuvres while taking in the slideshow of photos from events throughout the year. Next was dinner and the awards ceremony – Mike Stout and Kristin Ortlieb first presented Length of Service Awards to those who have worked for Ashfield for 5, 10, 15, and the solitary 20-year recipient – Kristin Ortlieb.

Culminating in the All Star Awards and presentation of Employee of the Year, the awards ceremony was a heartfelt and personal display of Ashfield’s appreciation for its dedicated people. The crowd was equally as pleased with the winners, cheering on recipients and applauding their recognition.

As Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance– and recipient of the 20 Year Length of Service Award – Kristin shed some unique insight on the event after receiving her award. Standing in front of hundreds of Ashfield employees, she recalled early-Ashfield. Starting as one of only seven employees, Kristin couldn’t help but compare the days of card-table desks to the thriving organization before her today.

Dancing, photos and custom donut bar followed to close out a memorable and successful evening. Cheers to a great year and thank you to everyone who helped bring everyone together for a fantastic night. usdec16