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The eyeforpharma awards celebrate positive progress towards value for patients and customers and recognizes those in the pharmaceutical industry that are driving pharma forwards.

We acquired Cambridge BioMarketing two years ago and have watched their success, including their work within rare disease space, such as their brilliant campaigns surrounding Rare Disease Day and their Rare in Common podcast. Cambridge BioMarketing is a one-of-a-kind agency, aiming to improve the lives of 400 million people affected by rare diseases. With the potential to change lives, their unique approach, RareIDSM uses proven predictive model-matching applications and journey-mapping techniques customized for the rare disease market, enabling clients to confidently understand how to best reach their customers. Click here to find out more about Cambridge BioMarketing.

The Patient Champion award recognizes an initiative that has raised the profile and visibility of a disease, cause, health concern, population or treatment. It seeks campaigns that have provided additional value, shown creative ways to raise awareness, gathered further reach in an additional way, clarified scientific concepts for HCPs or patients, or made things easier or clearer. It recognizes an authentic effort to educate and further the understanding of something that matters, and that has achieved success in doing so.

We are thrilled to announce that Cambridge BioMarketing nominated Andra Stratton for the Patient Champion Award: Patient Advocate for her work on our Rare in Common Podcast, and with Lipodystrophy United. She is now a finalist!

In 2012, a year after being diagnosed with partial lipodystrophy, Andra co-founded Lipodystrophy United. She quickly learned that the need for reliable information and education is a common thread in the rare disease community. In 2018, she began hosting Rare in Common, a podcast that provides a platform for those affected by rare diseases to share their stories and experiences. Since its launch, Rare in Common has been played over 4.6 thousand times.

Andra believes in taking small steps forward, whether that is hearing patients educating others and advocating for themselves, or the formation of a new support community. If she can empower someone to share their own story, she sees it as a success. She plans to continue advocating for both lipodystrophy and rare disease as a whole because there will always be more to do and more people to advocate for.

We wish Cambridge BioMarketing and Andra the best of Luck at the eyeforpharma awards.