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As the need for more informed conversations with Key Opinion Leaders has grown, so too has the role of medical science liaisons.

But as they attempt to bolster trust and familiarity with those audiences, Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) are challenged by the volume of personalized information they need at their disposal to engage in a meaningful way. Enter—what else?—the cloud. Veeva Systems’ Robert Groebel explains in this article.

Glen Martin, SVP of medical sciences at Ashfield Pharmacovigilance adds, “Actually, we have found the collaboration of local MSLs in investigator-initiated studies to drive many important initiatives—such as label changes, safety updates and establishing new pathways for the development of randomized clinical studies. A local MSL’s insights are truly invaluable to these studies and do much to move results forward.”

Martin adds that the role the Medical Science Liaisons can play in accumulating and analyzing competitive intelligence is not to be overlooked. “Because MSLs are engaged in earlier stages of clinical development and trial discussions, they are in a position to gather intelligence that can be quite valuable to an organization and its development efforts,” he says.

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