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With the approval of the responsible supervisory authority Bundeskartellamt , Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc, has reached an important milestone in order to further expand its excellent market position in the healthcare market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With this decision, all operational steps for the integration of Sellxpert can now be implemented.

Benjamin Rapp, Managing Director of Ashfield DACH, commented: “By acquiring Sellxpert, Ashfield will once again increase its performance in the field of personnel services for the pharma sector to the benefit of its customers.”

The acquisition will further increase our ability to recruit highly qualified employees. The deployment of sales personnel and the recruitment of specialists and executives in the healthcare sector is one of the company’s intensely sought after services.

“In the future, we will have even better access to talented applicants, as our attractiveness as an employer will continue to grow through the promising prospects” continued Benjamin. “The critical factors of time and quality that are crucial in the recruiting process can be further optimised through additional resources in recruitment, talent acquisition and project management.”
Sellxpert in Switzerland is also looking forward to the now completed takeover. CEO Nino Tralli said “The merger opens up excellent opportunities for growth in the Swiss healthcare market. Ashfield with its global presence, stringent processes, the highest quality standards, and contacts in the healthcare industry alongside Sellxpert’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in the Swiss healthcare market combine expertise in a unique way.

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