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Market forces are driving pharma manufacturers and patients closer together—and now the pharma industry has a pathway with which to do this.

Pharmaceutical Commerce Editor Nicholas Basta discusses how connectivity with patients is fueling the pharmaceutical industry’s growth in his annual Hub Services Report. Ashfield SVP of Clinical Services, Nareda Mills, was interviewed due to the role Ashfield does play within and around hub service. She stresses the need for coordination between all players to provide more meaningful patient contact.

Nareda Mills explains, “We advise our pharma clients to get everyone—patient reimbursement providers, specialty pharmacies and us in the same room, and coordinate patient contact,” says Nareda Mills, SVP of Ashfield clinical services. “A specialty pharmacy for example, might start an adherence program with a patient not realizing that the manufacturer is already supporting such a program with the patient; patients get confused when they’re being called by one party about benefit verification, another about refills and another about an in-home nurse visit. At the end of the day, the manufacturer should call the shots.”

Ms Mills shares her thoughts in the latest edition of Pharmaceutical Commerce: Read the whole article.

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