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When Galliard and its sister company Nyxeon joined UDG Healthcare plc. on 8th July this year they began to write a new and exciting chapter not just in their success stories, but in Ashfield’s too.

For the agencies, joining Ashfield has meant significant opportunities to amplify the services offered to clients, from within a world-class organization. For Ashfield, adding Galliard and Nyxeon’s specialist scientific public relations (PR) skills to their portfolio means that it is now the largest medical communications group providing an unrivalled portfolio of multichannel solutions to the healthcare sector.

London-based Galliard and Nyxeon offer services including: media relations, issues management, scientific and medical education, and corporate and employee communications. At the heart of what Galliard and Nyxeon bring to clients is their focus on finding and telling the stories that often lie hidden within complex clinical or technical data in order to educate, inform and engage audiences. Their scientific (data-driven) PR programmes are part of integrated pharma brand marketing strategies and are designed to reach audiences including traditional medical and consumer media (print, broadcast, radio, digital, video), social media (inc., blogs, Twitter, content hubs) thought leaders (inc., healthcare professionals, patient/consumer groups) and employees.

“Our job is to bring to life the impact of our clients’ medicines and healthcare strategies on patients’ lives and clinical practice,” says Roland Carreras, Managing Partner at Galliard. “We do this by ‘unwrapping’ data and then interpreting it in ways that make the story it’s telling easily accessible and memorable.”

2014 marks the 15th year since Galliard was founded and today, along with its sister company Nyxeon, it employs 33 people, providing services to global pharmaceutical companies, healthcare-related organisations and charities.

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