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On July 26 Ashfield Meetings & Events launched a global learning and development platform ensuring a tailored learning experience to individual employee preferences. The training offered falls into five different categories from onboarding to growing your own career. Through face-to-face, individualized and remote training, the agency is ensuring that all employees have access to the training needed to accelerate their career and skill sets.

The launch of the US training program has expanded upon the success of the organization’s European program that won gold in the Organizational Development category at the UK Employee Experience Awards in 2016. In order to support the US growth across the Indianapolis, Ivyland, San Bruno and client-embedded offices, Ashfield Meetings & Events have added two dedicated training staff, Sarah Longland (Global Training & Development Manager) and Patrice Bey (Training & Development Manager).

Longland commented on the global launch: “The launch and unification of our program is designed to allow employees to broaden their skill set by learning in their preferred style and at a pace which suits them. As our company grows globally we need to ensure that our learning and development offering is fit for the future and reaches all employees globally. We recognize that our industry is fast-paced and there is an expectation from our staff that tools are available via smart phones and other devices. It is essential that our employees have this functionality for their continued professional development. Our investment in the global learning and development program supports our strategy of leading through our people and we look forward to continuing to work with our talent as the program evolves. ”

Gavin Houston, (CEO, Americas) added: “Our organization is driven by positive experiences, both at an employee and at a client level. Our award-winning training platform has been enhanced and globalized. It will deliver employees across our global operations with job-critical training and professional development courses, including on-demand options, that empower our team to take control of their professional development. Our focus has always, and will continue to be, on developing our greatest asset, our people. We are very proud of our employees’ accomplishments and our aim is to continue to foster and empower our talent to embrace the mutual investment in their growth.”