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Our own expert, Nareda Mills, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, presented on this topic at #eyeforpharma Patient Summit USA 2015 and provided incredible insight. Below are the highlights.

What is rare disease?
Nareda kicked off her presentation by covering the basics: What is rare disease? Big pharma hasn’t been able to dedicate time in this segment for years due to focus on large patient populations in the established therapy areas like cardiovascular and diabetes. Now, developing orphan drugs to treat rare disease as an industry priority.

But there are challenges
Nareda informed the audience there are three types of challenges with rare disease:
– Diagnosis remains an issue
– Lack of awareness
– Financial challenges/Insurance problems

So how has the industry responded?
The answer lies in affecting real change in patient and caregiver wellness. Professionals
strongly believe they can do this by following the 3 Ps:
– Personalization ‐ getting the patients to understand you are talking directly to them
and their specific situation
– Personification ‐ getting the patients to think about themselves
– Projection ‐ getting the patients thinking about where they want to be

How does this lead to the optimal patient support program?
Find out more on how Ashfield Clinical Field teams can build the optimal patient support solutions for your rare disease patients.

Nareda Mills“The best presentation so far in the conference.” ‐ Feedback from EyeForPharma Representative


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