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03 Aug 2019

Brighton-based health communications consultancy, Pegasus, pays homage to The Clock Tower Sanctuary with a groovy 60’s summer of love themed float for Pride, which took place on Saturday the August 3rd. The colorful design was perfectly harmonised with Pride’s ‘Generations of Love’ theme, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising that initiated the Pride Movement.

The flatbed lorry was transformed into a 60’s lorry of love, with help from sponsors Sussex Transport, print provider One Digital and Coast Line Scaffolding. With 60’s tunes provided by Brighton Electric. The support came in a joint celebration of The Clock Tower Sanctuary’s 21st birthday.

Together supporters and the charity used the event to raise awareness of its important work with the young homeless community, an issue that is particularly prevalent within the LGBTQ+ community.

Frances Duncan, CEO of The Clock Tower Sanctuary said, ‘As a small charity, we’re really grateful to Pegasus for enabling us to join the Pride parade again this year! We know that LGBT young people are more likely to find themselves homeless than their non-LGBT peers, comprising up to 24% of the youth homeless population. And if they are homeless, LGBT youth are significantly more likely to experience targeted violence, sexual exploitation, substance misuse and physical and mental health problems than other homeless young people. The Clock Tower Sanctuary is open to every young homeless 16-25 year old, however they identify, 300 days a year. Today our day centre will be open for hot food, showers and a space to talk, with fun activities going on to mark Brighton Pride.’

Joseph Ready, a Pegasus float volunteer, said , ‘Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I feel proud and lucky to work at a company and in a city that supports such important causes.’

Jaime Redgewell, lead designer at Pegasus said, ‘I am extremely excited to work on this project. I am inspired every day by the LGBTQ+ community and all that The Clock Tower Sanctuary does to support the young and homeless. My design celebrates all that they have fought and continue to strive for, taking inspiration from the 60’s Stonewall riots and summer of love, with a modern twist and explosion of colour – to celebrate everything those events continue to symbolise today.’

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About The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Established in 1998, The Clock Tower Sanctuary is a day centre providing information, advice and guidance to homeless young people, aged 16 to 25 years. It is the only centre of its kind in Brighton. Through early intervention, The Clock Tower Sanctuary reaches out to vulnerable homeless young people, and work together to prevent long-term homelessness in their adult life. The Clock Tower Sanctuary receives no statutory funding and so relies on all of its income being provided via fundraising. It also depends on a team of volunteers from the local community to run the drop-in service six days a week. Last year, 74 volunteers provided 8,500 hours of support.

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