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Today marks 1 year since Ashfield Commercial, Clinical and Medical Information moved to Fort Washington and we are taking a look at how we have settled into our new home. Flavia Brand, Adam Coln and Colleen Raguz tell us how they found the move.

“The first thing I thought when I came to the new office was how much brighter and cleaner of an office space it was versus Ivyland.”

Colleen Raguz, Client Account Supervisor



“The biggest thing to get used to was that now, we have so much more space so it means that finding one another or locating conference rooms can be like a scavenger hunt!”

Flavia Brand, Manager, Call Centre Operations





“My desk is awesome now. It has tremendous space, lighting and the ambiance is wonderful.”

Adam Coln, Operations Manager, Inside Sales



All three agreed that their favourite events at Fort Washington included the Super Bowl pep rally, the opening ceremony, the employee holiday luncheon, the town halls that they can all go to at once now and the holiday decorating contest.

The new office is bright, airy and feels very professional, which makes coming to work enjoyable as it not only improves the overall mood of employees but also gives them pride in their workplace. The new cafeteria also means that employees can now take time to have lunch breaks with their colleagues, but also there are a number of great meeting rooms where employees can host clients.

Flavia, Adam and Colleen are looking forward to future events, and hope that there will be a companywide summer BBQ in the next few months, which would allow employees from different areas of the business to get to know people who they work with but often don’t see, so that they can better understand what each other contribute to the company.



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