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We spoke to Carey Galvin, Senior Vice President, Quality & Compliance US, about a day in the life of her role.


1. What made you chose a career in quality and compliance?

After law school, I realized that I really enjoyed working in healthcare and being a part of an industry that has a positive impact on patients’ lives. I enjoy being an attorney, but in quality and compliance I am able to use my background in business as well as my legal expertise.


2. How did your career lead you to Ashfield?

I have spent the vast majority of my career working in compliance within the healthcare industry. I have been a compliance officer for hospitals, worked for a device company, a major insurance company and a specialty pharmacy. The industry is so dynamic and exciting as patients are taking more of an active role in their wellness and treatment. Ashfield is on the front line of innovation in this space in how we provide solutions to our clients.


3. What does your role entail?

My role truly entails a little bit of everything, but simply put – my role is to support the business ensure quality and compliant services are delivered to our clients. I am involved in client and internal audits, compliance investigations, quality monitoring oversight, risk management, marketing material review, client meetings and pitch presentations, environmental health and safety, oversight of deviations and corrective action/preventative action plans, business strategy meetings. The list goes on and keeps me busy!


4. What does a typical day look like? 

There never really is a typical day in my role, but here is an example of what a day might look like:

8:30  Read through morning emails & catch up with co-workers (usually about whatever Philadelphia sports team played the night before)

9:00  Greg Flynn’s weekly Senior Leadership Team meeting

10:00  Call with Eleanor Garvey, UDG Head of Quality and Compliance

11:00  Pitch preparation for a presentation for new business we are hoping to win!

1:00  Present to one of our field teams a refresher training on key compliance topics

2:00  Review a Statement of Work for a new program

3:00  Meeting with Q&C team to review our current projects and priorities

4:00 Call with a client’s Compliance Officer to align on program business rules

8:00  One last check of email for the evening and then time to turn on a game!


5. What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge working in our industry is the ever-changing landscape. Patients and HCPs are looking for new ways and channels to interact with pharma, and with that brings new challenges. The regulatory environment is also changing in response. This is the biggest challenge but also one of the most exciting parts of my role. Ensuring that I am supporting our business being innovative.


6. What do you like the most about the role?

What I enjoy most about working at Ashfield is the great people that I work with every day. We have a lot of fun even though we all are so busy. Quality and Compliance always has a seat at the table, and the ability to partner with the business to ensure that we are achieving our goals while remaining compliant with laws and regulations is very satisfying.

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