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Emerging biopharma companies are driving the majority of the industry’s development pipeline and have a huge role to play in bringing innovative new medicines to market. However, the size of these companies is often a hurdle to getting treatments to patients and achieving business objectives efficiently.

Ashfield Commercial and Patient Solutions has the insights and experience to design tailored, integrated solutions. Our infrastructure allows us to execute efficiently and our flexibility means we plan and adapt very quickly to market response and volume trends. We have:

  • Specialists in go-to-market resources, all supported by state-of-the-art contact centers
  • Expertise in specialty and rare disease
  • Flexibility to grow and scale while mitigating risk, with a global footprint
  • Unparalleled operational structure and systems to optimize performance, from recruitment, training and development, analytics and insights, to quality and compliance.

The solutions we design include MSLs, Medical Information, Market Access, Field Sales teams, Inside Sales teams and Patient Engagement Programs.

“ The reason we partnered with Ashfield is because we’re small and we’re not trying to augment a sales force. We don’t have the infrastructure to start with such as incentive compensation, finances, cars, logistics, all that. We need them because they have this infrastructure built and that helps us tremendously. One of the best things about the relationship is the transparency…” VP of Sales

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