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Today we had to make a trip to our local Emergency Department in Queen's Hospital in Burton upon Trent. Luckily not because of an emergency, but to have a look at the new ultrasound scanner that the Ashfield Cares committee in Ashby, UK, unanimously agreed to purchase for them.

We heard from A&E Consultant James Crampton earlier in the year, about how a piece of equipment like this could assist him and his team to make informed decisions much quicker on the most suitable treatment method and ultimately, help improve patient outcomes. Queen’s is the local hospital to our global head office and to see the ultrasound setup in the department and ready for use whenever it is needed, is great.

Whilst we were there, we were invited to have a look around and meet the A&E staff as well as the Trust’s Chief Executive Helen Scott-South, Director of Medicine Magnus Harrison and James. Helen said: “We are absolutely delighted that Ashfield has picked Burton Hospitals Charity as one of the organisations it will be supporting this year. The charity does some amazing work and this ultrasound machine will be crucial to bolstering the care we provide to our patients.”

The Burton charities mission is “to deliver the best patient experience” and this year the Ashfield Cares Ashby committee decided to help them to do that by choosing them as one of two focus charities for 2017. You can find out more about this great charity here:

At Ashfield, our mission is to help improve lives. We do this every day by working with our clients to help healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, knowledge and support they need. We are also committed to using our size, resources and geographical reach to have a positive impact on the communities around us through the work of Ashfield Cares globally.

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