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For 2018, the World Health Day theme is ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.’ To recognise this significant day, Ashfield employees around the world have told us how their role supports access to healthcare.

The World Health Organisation states that although some countries have already made significant progress towards universal health coverage (UHC), World Health Day remind us of the need for UHC in those countries that haven’t. We agree that everyone, no matter which country you live in, should be able to realise their highest possible level of health.

World Health Day

Across the world, Ashfield has employees that are in roles supporting access to healthcare and they’ve told us the significance of Worth Health Day in their role. –

Nagore Fernandez Dominguez, Head of Patient Services for EUCAN told us, “My role is directly linked to patients and healthcare. I support the creation of Patient Support Programmes, where Ashfield nurses support patients on complex treatments to better manage their disease. We also design and run patient identification campaigns for patients to get an earlier diagnosis in rare disease. We are always trying to innovate and bring solutions to our clients that will improve patient outcomes.”

In the UK, Louis Smith, Respiratory Primary Care Rep tells us, “In my role as a primary care representative, I increase access to healthcare through my valuable interactions with healthcare professionals. In the delivery of up-to-date clinical drug information and the education about the drug’s target patient, I make sure that healthcare professionals feel confident and supported in their use of the medicine. This, in turn, leads to the right patient being able to access the right medicine to improve their wellbeing”.

“At Cambridge BioMarketing, we use technology, data science and digital channels to ensure patients get the information they need about their diseases or treatments so they have a meaningful and productive conversation with their healthcare team. It’s critical for patients and caregivers to get access to the best care possible and being armed and empowered with the right information at the right time is key to making that happen,” explains Annemarie Crivelli, Director of Digital Services at Cambridge BioMarketing, one of our agencies within Ashfield Healthcare Communications.

Rosie Behar is a Healthcare Communicator for Canada and is involved in projects helping to make medications affordable for patients, ‘’My role involves contacting medical offices to detail them on payment assistance cards, which can be used by patients to help them afford their medications. In addition, I work in collaboration with the territory business managers to supply offices with medical samples for patients.’’

In her role as a Head of Operations for Portugal, Conceicao Simao said “My role allows HCPs, patients and general consumers to access key scientific information, innovative therapies and the best products in the healthcare market.”

Recruitment Consultant for the Nordics, Leila Söderström tells us, “Working in recruitment means that I ensure the right candidates fill crucial roles for pharmaceutical companies. These employees go on to deliver a high level of service, such as Medical Science Liaisons who provide information on new and alternative medicines to KOLs.”

Finally, not only does Ashfield provide services that support access to healthcare but we also focus on supporting charities in the healthcare space through Ashfield Cares. As an executive member of the STEM Ashfield Cares committee, Keerat Sond leads the global strategy to drive awareness and promote personal fundraising initiatives, allowing STEM to give back time to the community.”

Across our business, our employees take satisfaction in the fact that daily, they are making a difference. No matter the role, together we improve lives.

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