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Greg Flynn, Regional President, Ashfield Commercial and Clinical U.S., has been featured in the March edition of PM360.

Here’s an excerpt from the original publication – click here to view the full article.

Change is inevitable in any industry, but the rate of change in the pharmaceutical industry is particularly disruptive to business as usual. Product portfolios are migrating from mass-market blockbuster drugs to highly specialized therapies targeted to relatively small patient populations. Reimbursement is becoming increasingly complex and successful commercialization means addressing multiple stakeholders before a prescription is even written. Vertical integrations in major metropolitan areas are shutting out traditional sales rep/physician interaction. Plus consumers are facing high-deductible health plans and demanding greater value from their medications.

This rapidly changing environment is even more difficult to navigate for a successful industry with a track record of being slow to embrace change. Yet this seismic shift in healthcare, from one of supply to that of demand-led, necessitates a new commercialization vision that addresses the long term. Efficiency and effectiveness are the goals as the pressure mounts within pharma to maintain or improve ROI by optimizing its investment.

Click here to read the rest of the article originally published by PM360. 

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