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The process of moving 600 employees to the new building has been an ongoing success. Week by week, our incredibly talented employees work together to pull off a seamless transition, creating hundreds of enjoyable first-day experiences.

New faces have populated the second floor after another full week of moves. As bright as the color scheme, employee reactions have been a combination of surprise and excitement. When you walk through the doors of the second floor entrance, you’re met with brightness and pops of the Ashfield color palette via feature walls, furniture and accent pieces.

One of the first comments you’ll hear has to do with how open it feels. Overhead lighting is soft and enjoyable, complimenting the natural lighting that flows through glass elements. The design creates the feeling that there are virtually no spaces without that open feel. Call centers are all positioned to take in the majority of the natural light and views of the outdoor landscape with workstations positioned around the perimeter of the space.

Another asset to the second floor are the conference and huddle rooms. Complete with essential technology, collaboration on-site and with our counterparts abroad will be as simple as tapping a tile on the digital room schedulers. Our previous location created a competitive schedule for booking meeting rooms but with over 30 different bookable spaces, the second floor at Fort Washington has everything Ashfield needs to continue growing.

Adding to the culture of mingling in the open workspace, the “romper room” will be ready for the final arrivals of second floor employees. Once complete, all staff will be able to take some time to get to know their peers and enjoy some midday fun.


With the recent 20-year birthday of Ashfield and our projected growth, it is a particularly reflective experience to witness reactions as employees enter the space. Early Ashfield employees recall the tiny office that met the needs of a small team building a business in the US at the time. When once, a folding table was all they needed, this 85,000 square foot state of the art building is a testament to the incredible people who have grown – and continue to grow – the business.

Next week the team will begin filling in the open space located centrally in the second floor layout. We look forward to welcoming more employees to the site and wrap up the final weeks with a celebration. Stay tuned for details!

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