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"We are not creating the injectable or medication, but rather coming up with innovative solutions to help support our pharmaceutical partners in helping to improve the lives of patients." Andy Foley shares his experience as a key figure in Ashfield's hiring process.

I’ve worked at Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services for four years. Throughout my tenure, I’ve had the pleasure to see our US business grow by leaps and bounds.

I started my career at Ashfield in September 2013 as a temporary employee. With a bit of luck and hard work, I was brought on permanently about two months in. At the time, I was one of seven recruiters in the department but now, our department is a team of 13 office-based recruiters/coordinators and 40 contract recruiters.

To start, I was responsible for recruiting field-based Sales Representatives and Clinical Educators nationwide as well as Contact Center positions for our Commercial, Clinical and Medical Information programs. However as our business grew, my day-to-day role took on more project management responsibilities, looking after teams of contract recruiters nationwide to hit larger scale recruitment timelines. As of August 2016, I was promoted to Recruitment Manager and my remit now consists of managing our Commercial, Clinical, Meetings & Events, and any Fort Washington office vacancies. My current position here at Ashfield has allowed me to grow professionally and personally allowing me to do activities outside of what my job description dictates and to utilize my entrepreneurial spirit.

Ingenuity and problem solving

Being a part of a growing organization, at times our department can be faced with aggressive and ambiguous timelines or circumstances. My day typically starts with liaising with Client Solutions and Operations teams to discuss upcoming recruitment builds. These builds can come in all shapes and sizes; they can vary from a team of five to a team of 280. In many instances there are simultaneous recruitment builds going on at once. This is exciting as it allows the team and I to think outside-the-box for strategy on how best to hit our milestones and goals for our clients. These creative ideas span from a strategy surrounding how we will attract the right candidate for the profile, to how we will coordinate assessment centers and large-scale hiring events across the US. These ideas are team efforts which require frequent meetings with my colleagues to figure out how to best execute our plan. Our team takes pride in hiring talent to further drive and to better Ashfield as an organisation.


At Ashfield, people are our business. Plain and simple. We are not creating the injectable or medication, but rather coming up with innovative solutions to help support our pharmaceutical partners in helping to improve the lives of patients. It is because of this that recruitment is at the forefront of bringing in talented individuals with ingenious ideas who possess energy and expertise. In many ways, recruitment is responsible for shaping the culture of our organization. In addition to our hand in shaping Ashfield’s culture, our department takes part in positively affecting the lives of candidates in search of new career opportunities. On a daily basis we are happily tasked with hiring candidates who match the job profiles our clients are looking for, as well as cultural/motivational requirements we look for as an organization. This is something I and the recruitment team take great pride in delivering.

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