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Pharma executives face a difficult balancing act: how to integrate internal capabilities to be able to meet a greater diversity of customer needs.

With many leaders expecting to restructure their commercial model over the next two years, eyeforpharma’s whitepaper ‘Future commercial models: Goodbye, Sales and Marketing. Hello, integrated Commercial team’ provides welcome direction in a moment of uncertainty.


While long debated, recent pressures on the industry have turned the discussion of commercial restructuring into an urgent priority. The conversation has moved from ‘should we change’ to ‘how should we change’. Pharma is expected to have the flexibility to allow divergent customers to choose how to engage, while meeting an increasing high bar to demonstrate value. It demands a level of agility not yet realized, and those who don’t soon adapt will pay a price.

One of the obstacles slowing the pace of change, is that those who succeeded under the old model will advocate for business as usual. However, an uncomfortable truth, as Karen Bell, Business Development Director at Ashfield states, is: “The type of individual who will be successful in 2020 is very different from the one who was successful 10-15 years ago.”

As leaders across the industry face difficult decisions to address this challenge, the upside is that there are many examples we can all learn from. By bringing together innovative approaches from AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck Serono, Janssen alongside commentary from thought-leaders across Ashfield, this whitepaper is a must read for any executive navigating the path forward in commercial.

Download the full whitepaper from eyeforpharma

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