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Considerations when developing a Medical Information strategy

Engaging in robust clinical dialogue with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) is essential to contact center experts in Medical Information. In order to improve reactive communications with HCPs, it is important to have a clear strategy for effective engagement.

There are several considerations when developing the most effective strategy for improving reactive communications with healthcare professionals. Beginning with an understanding of recent FDA recommendations for responding to unsolicited requests for medical information is essential. It is also important to understand industry practices related to the handling of medical inquiries, including current approaches and channels used to engage healthcare professionals. Furthermore, improving the depth of the knowledge and expertise of contact center staff through robust onboarding and training will elevate the dialogue with HCPs. The final key to a successful strategy is knowing how to put these key elements together in the most effective way to ensure you are providing valuable interactions.

The FDA has long taken the position that sponsors can respond to unsolicited requests for information about FDA-regulated drugs and devices by providing truthful, balanced, non-misleading, and non-promotional scientific or medical information. Industry practices reflect the fact that firms currently only respond to requests for off-label information through direct, one-to-one communication with healthcare professionals.

There are several key steps that Contact Centers can take to improve communication with healthcare professionals, first call resolution, and the quality of the interactions that will ultimately refine and expand any current practices.

Improving the clinical dialogue with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) can be challenging. Implementing strategies can ultimately improve communications with HCPs and ensure Medical Information professionals are providing value to your organization.

Read the full white paper to understand:

  • FDA Recommendations for responding to requests for off-label information
  • Industry practices related to handling requests for off-label information
  • Strategies to improve communications with healthcare professionals

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