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A team from Ashfield attended the 8th annual eyeforpharma Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe conference from the 16-17th of October in London. This conference looks at the present and future communication trends within of pharma and analyzes topics such as patient-centricity, customer needs and any many more.

There were two strong themes to take away from the conference.

The first was the importance of remembering the fundamentals when discussions turn to technology innovation in marketing – the need to understand your customers’ needs better, and have a clear strategy before investing in technology solutions. Adoption of new solutions becomes easier if you bring in stakeholders earlier in the process and cultivate a culture of innovation.

A highlight of the conference was a live walkthrough of Janssen’s award-winning virtual reality nurse training in Multiple Myeloma that was developed with the end-user in mind. It has helped nurses feel confident to administer treatment and as a result, helped to improve patient outcomes. Visit the eyeforpharma website to learn more about Janssen’s use of immersive technology to support nurses.

Another strong recurring message throughout the conference was the need to develop meaningful patient relationships and improve the patient experience.

Trishna Bharadia, an award-winning patient advocate, spoke of the importance of building genuine collaborative patient relationships, citing Sanofi Genzyme’s The World vs MS as an example of successful collaboration. She cautioned that current regulation was making companies nervous about engaging with patients in a meaningful way and urged regulators to facilitate genuine intentional patient-Pharma relationships.

Other discussions echoed the importance of patient centricity, asking the attendees to consider that they may need to think through the patient experience of a drug along with its safety and efficacy profiles. Ed Corbett of Novasecta called patient centricity a business imperative – a “win-win” scenario.

Prakash Patel, Digital and Social Media Director at Galliard and Nyxeon, who attended the conference said; “One key learning for us is to be strong advocates for patient centricity when advising our Pharma clients. It has the potential to benefit both patients and Pharma.”

Written by Prakash Patel, Digital and Social Media Director Galliard and Nyxeon

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