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We are in the midst of a major transformation in how physicians learn and keep up-to-date.

Ashfield Medical Education Future Forum

Companies wishing to innovate and lead in their engagements with healthcare professionals must understand how their customers’ needs are evolving in this highly dynamic, multichannel environment.

The Ashfield Medical Education Future Forum is a brand new initiative designed to explore just that. We brought together ten of the world’s most forward-thinking, digitally literate physicians to explore the latest trends and create a vision of the future of medical education. The moderator was the highly acclaimed Dr Bertalan Meskó: Medical Futurist, author of The Guide to the Future of Medicine, medical doctor, and founder of The Forum was designed and sponsored by Ashfield Healthcare Communications, in collaboration with technology platform partner Within3.

“Medical education must ­finally step up to meet the expectations of empowered patients, the needs of busy physicians, and the use of disruptive technologies. This forum was designed to facilitate this process.” Dr Bertalan Meskó

Click here to view or download our infographic summarising the highlights from the Forum.

Further information is available in this new pharmaphorum article.

The insights and future predictions from this important initiative will help Ashfi­eld continue to innovate in delivering scientifi­c content to relevant audiences via their preferred channels.  A Highlights Report is available exclusively from Ashfield. Please contact for more information about the Medical Education Future Forum or to find out how Ashfield Healthcare Communications is helping our clients innovate and lead in an evolving multichannel landscape. We will be delighted to hear from you.


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