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As your portfolio changes, existing brands may be re-positioned in your field coverage plan and not get the attention they need to maintain engagement. Or, you may be considering moving your field force to a higher value brand due to budget constraint. Or you may have a seasonal brand that needs a boost in coverage. Whatever the reason, by minimizing or deleting coverage of brands that still have prescription viability, you are leaving valuable revenue behind.

We all know how difficult it is to get time with health care practitioners in the first place, and to lose that momentum risks losing them forever. So what can be done to avoid this scenario?

• First, you need to look at your prescribers and develop segmented lists.

• Once you know how to target your prescribers, you can develop a coverage plan.

• Insides sales reps can take up the slack and maintain the quality coverage you need for most targets.

• For those targets requiring a face-to-face, plan to address these segments with less costly Patient Service Team reps, either in-house or outsourced, depending on budget and availability.

We have seen time and again that with the right segmentation of your prescribers and associated call plan, you can keep your loyalists active with your brand. Inside sales reps are a high quality, credible solution to your sales coverage requirements. Their background is ideal, being former pharmaceutical reps or pharmacists or nurses. They know how to get past gatekeepers and keep your targets informed, covering more territory and doing so far more quickly than your field reps can.

These inside sales reps truly deliver the same level of service your customers have come to expect, and take the burden off your more costly field teams.  They can cover mature brands, test new markets for existing or new brands, and even clean up your contact lists to optimize future coverage plans. They can provide off hours service to better respond to physician timetables, and conduct video chats to go over key information. They can even go out in the field to cover leave of absences if necessary.

There are many reasons that your brand may be suffering, but making the call should not be one of them. Ashfield is a partner who can help you identify appropriate contact center targets, set up and implement a plan to keep them engaged and keep your brand top of mind – where it should be.

Need more information?  For inquiries in the US, Contact Barb Stevens at In Canada, please contact Jason Erickson at 

Barb Stevens has a successful track record of building inside sales solutions for biopharmaceutical clients for 10+ years.  She brings her nursing perspective as well as extensive sales rep and sale management experience to each client solution.

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