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How many times have we attended meetings that have little direction, or no clear objectives and left feeling disinterested and disengaged? Our “Kinetic” consulting approach is set to change all of that by providing insight, challenging objectives and creating energy and engagement to deliver real improved tangible outputs to your meetings.

On what can feel like a daily basis, our clients approach us to support with the delivery and execution of advisory boards around the world for a variety of subjects. These range from clinical trial design to educational needs assessment, branding to market access. According to a recent study by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), advisory boards can lead to huge gains including higher sales and productivity (Advisory boards: An untapped resource).

To ensure that these meetings deliver value for pharma it’s important to begin by asking “What is the objective of this meeting and how will this impact the ongoing program?”. Advisory boards are a crucial part of the product development lifecycle for pharma; providing expert external advice and acting as sounding boards for strategic decisions.

So what should an effective advisory board look like?

Clear objectives
Ensure the meeting has clear and concise objectives resulting in a valuable, focused meeting that achieve their strategic goals.

The right attendees
How often do we fall into the trap of inviting the same high profile experts to our meetings? Who says it has to be the biggest names in the therapy area? Try bringing some fresh ideas through a mixture of attendees, people unrelated to the company or therapy area; different attendees can bring a different outlook.

The role of the facilitator cannot be underestimated. Expert facilitators keep the meeting energized, focused and engaging. A good facilitator will ask open questions, ensure everyone gets a chance to speak and consistently keep the meeting objectives at the forefront of discussion.

Breaking down boundaries with a range of engagement tools during the meeting from work mats, keypads and virtual panels to live art – capturing discussions as they happen in pictures! We shouldn’t restrict ourselves to standard formats, but use a variety of tools and approaches to create a format which best meets the objectives of the meeting.

Bigger picture
Most importantly, advisory boards should shape business plans or educational programs. What we do with the information gathered at the meeting is more significant than the advice itself.

At Ashfield Healthcare Communications we believe that advisory boards should be the cornerstone of all strategic plans and we have developed a bespoke framework called Kinetic, which takes a strategic consultancy approach every step of the way. This framework enables us to provide focused guidance, moving beyond traditional “minutes and actions” to the creation of tangible plans that can be acted on and realized with clear outputs.

Whether face-to-face or virtual, advisory boards are one of the most significant strategic activities in our client’s plans. Our Kinetic approach ensures that they are engaging for the participants resulting in better outputs for our clients.

Take a look through the deck below to understand more about our Kinetic approach to advisory boards.

For more information on Kinetic or Ashfield Healthcare Communications advisory board offering, please contact Helen Hey at or Kesha Tansey at

If you would like to learn more about our thoughts on the future of scientific meetings; how they are changing and the future challenges for pharma companies you may find our “Future of Meetings” whitepaper interesting, download it here.

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