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Ashfield Commercial and Clinical in the US has completed its transition to its new office in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

We are extremely pleased to announce that after many weeks of carefully coordinated moves, all employees have arrived at their new office. Friday, March 24th marked the last arrival, comprised of nearly 100 employees. This group occupies the open space and remaining call center areas on the second floor.

The day earlier, a different group of nearly 100 employees arrived and unpacked for a full day of work. These two phases were the final move waves out of 15 total. Moving offices on this scale has required extensive coordination and dedication from everyone and the results are evident. Now, the entire space is full of life – employees are energized and excited to explore new surroundings and work alongside colleagues.

A departure from the more traditional location in Ivyland, the open space office concept has arranged employees among their peers and other departments without barriers. When it comes to collaboration, the open space layout creates an advantage for departments to work efficiently within their business unit or among others. As the employees move in, comments about seeing their “neighbors” brings a new level of connectivity to the every-day business at Ashfield.

The contact centers offer optimal light and color. Whether seated within the glass enclosed spaces, or open to the shared space, the contact centers are a welcoming and modern place to work.

Check out the infographic for a snapshot of how we got here and stay tuned for updates on special events to celebrate.

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