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The following in an except from the July/August issue of PM360.

Within Ashfield Patient Solutions, we have a keen focus on adherence revolving around tailored solutions to individual patient needs. To this end we develop patient support programs (PSPs) encompassing a holistic suite of services for patients, their care partners, and HCPs. These services help achieve improved access to therapy, ensure a successful start with medication protocols, and assist with adherence and persistence. We have found that working within a PSP ultimately leads to better disease self-management, improved clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient experience.

To create successful PSPs, we first work with our clients to define how to best demonstrate return on objectives. We then employ health psychology to address needs of the whole patient—not just providing educational tips, but also addressing clinical, functional, behavioral, and psychosocial needs across multiple channels and formats. We then enroll patients in personal care plans in which we assess ongoing, sharing results with the HCP. Staying agile in response to patient changes is critical to success, so we have created an integrated data platform with real-time, global, multichannel analytics. To overcome barriers to patient enrollment, we make sure that both the HCP and patient understand the importance of the adherence and can participate hassle free.

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