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There are lots of reasons why you may have a territory left uncovered by a field rep. Maybe it’s whitespace, maybe your rep is on maternity leave or has left the organization permanently. No matter what the reason, each day your territory goes uncovered is another day your brand loses awareness in that region. And in today’s tough competitive landscape no one can afford to lose any ground.

So what can you do? More companies are turning to inside sales to provide the coverage they need where field reps are no longer assigned. Contact centers are a viable channel to represent your brand in a variety of selling scenarios, and despite perceptions, inside sales does exactly what it says. These reps sell from inside the contact center via the phone. Our contact center reps are highly trained, educated sales people who just happen to use a phone rather than their car to reach a physician’s office. They can call to offer samples, savings cards, formulary messages, patient resources and other relevant information to keep the brand top of mind.

Let’s look at some facts.

Inside sales is an affordable option. Contact center representatives are typically a lower cost resource and can deliver similar results with more calls daily. Are you doing the most you can for the dollars you have?

Vacant territories are fair game for competitors. Why risk losing your momentum when a territory becomes vacant leaving an opening for a competitor to take advantage? An inside sales rep can quickly take over to cover designated deciles and keep your brand safe.

Inside sales can optimize portfolio management. Brands shift position as they mature and it often becomes too costly to maintain field rep coverage in all deciles or all channels. There is no reason to walk away from that brand, when an inside sales rep can maintain the level of coverage needed to keep it delivering dollars to your bottom line. A case in point:  case study.

Get additional coverage for a product launch. Perhaps your launch requires more than your field force can handle. You have a small field sales force and you have too many potential channels to hit to properly expose the benefits of your brand and offer useful resources. Or, perhaps your product launch is not going as successfully as envisioned. In both scenarios, a contact center representative can easily fill that gap.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding contact centers. Whatever your needs are, consider inside sales as an adjunct to your field team. There is proven value in tapping into this channel as a part of your promotional mix. Ashfield is a partner who can help.

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About Barbara Stevens

Barb Stevens has a successful track record of building inside sales solutions for biopharmaceutical clients for 10+ years. She brings her nursing perspective as well as extensive sales rep and sale management experience to each client solution.

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