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A bit about Imogen

I am currently in the 11th month of my placement year with one week to go! Yet the time has flown by and it only feels like last week that I was having my induction. I started my role with Ashfield Healthcare Communications as Marketing Assistant last July after finishing my second year studying Business and Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University. The experience has been amazing, empowering and has developed me as a professional through the training and experience I have gained within my role over the last year.

As soon as I joined the team, I attended a range of training courses. As I was not from a pharma background, the sessions were extremely educational and enabled me to understand both the industry and how Ashfield’s role is pivotal within it. The courses were part of the Academy, Ashfield Healthcare Communications own training platform allowing employees to develop in all aspects of their career, taking them through a range of courses that are suitable and tailored for their roles. To understand more about my experience with the Academy, please visit my previous blog here.

Fun fact

I visited Texas last summer and discovered my love for America, and coincidentally I am born on July 4th! Fate or what!

What were your responsibilities?

My responsibilities vary from day to day with marketing being such a dynamic role, one day I could be working on content creation for social media, and the next I could be working on event coordination. Since I started, I have been heavily involved in content creation and visualization of campaigns for Ashfield. In addition, I have had the chance to work with people from different departments to create campaigns that emulate their vision and service in the best way possible. One of the major learning curves for me has been to always have an open mind towards new projects and to understand the way in which different content could be interpreted. The understanding and principles of brand guidelines have also been a new experience for me and have taught me the importance of their existence within a brand.

From an event perspective, I have been involved in organizing both internal and external events, such as a Pink Party for our Macclesfield office, raising money for breast cancer on ‘Wear it Pink Day’, to congresses across the globe focusing on specific disease areas.

What three words would you use to describe your placement year?

Creative, evolutional and fun!

What have you taken from your time here at Ashfield Healthcare Communications?

As I reached the last few weeks of my placement, I have reflected on my time and learnings here in terms of personal and professional goals, and I am very happy to say I have achieved them whilst setting myself up for the future. Just by being introduced to different areas of the business and a variety of roles has opened up many opportunities and learnings for me. A prime example of this is our monthly marketing call where best practices are shared from across the business. These calls have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of all the different types of roles within our global marketing team. The feeling of being part of a bigger team and representing a large company has been extremely motivating and allowed me to happily reach out for help, or have the confidence to give help if needed to ensure we were all working coherently. From this placement, I will take away skills I did not know I had and a great expectation of what I would like my next place of work to be like.

Whilst I am sad to be leaving, I am excited to continue my third year with a refreshed understanding of the business world. I will miss my team at Ashfield Healthcare Communications but I am happy that my role will be handed over into the good hands of Zoe – our next placement student.

A bit About Zoe

I recently finished my second year at Sheffield Hallam University, studying Business and Marketing. I am really excited to start my role here at Ashfield Healthcare Communications, developing my skills and understanding of the business world.

Fun fact

I play underwater hockey for Great Britain, and will be representing the country this summer!

Why did you apply or this role?

On my search for a placement, I was looking for a hands-on job, which in due course would allow me to handle tasks alone; this is the job spec that Ashfield Healthcare Communications had provided so seemed like the perfect fit. The thought of working for a global company was, and still is, very exciting! I am already getting stuck into tasks and learning new skills.

How has your placement been so far?

The working environment at Ashfield Healthcare Communications is amazing. I already feel part of the team, and feel free to express my opinions and communicate new ideas. Now I have completed all my introductory training, I am being trusted with my own tasks as well as working together on tasks with Imogen. The handover process has been incredibly insightful and fun, I am excited to delve into the role and following Imogen’s footsteps.

If you are interested in looking for a placement at Ashfield Healthcare Communications click here. 

Zoe – In her GB Underwater Hockey kit.


Imogen – Her recent trip to the Houston Space centre in Texas.

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