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eyeforpharma recently published an article on the "sweet spot" between profitability and patient needs. The article argues that the time has come where pharma can find the balance between profitability and benefits for the target market. Finance can no longer be used as an excuse.

The article features commentary from a number of industry thought leaders on patient centricity. Here’s an excerpt with John Gerow, SVP Client Solutions at Ashfield:

“According to Gerow, an option to consider in order to address the missing link between pharma and patients, is the creation of a new field service team. This role is responsible for delivering patient services along with patient-focused messages rather than product messages.

With the right combination of sales and service teams, you can significantly improve profitability and consequently increase the cost-effectiveness of patient-focused efforts. This will require a shift in your traditional approach to marketing. Gerow warns, “You need to hire different people if you really want to change your model. To change the approach to a field service channel, we have shown time and again that you need a different profile.”

Creating a patient focused channel with a service team has demonstrated impact across the brand lifecycle. “It can seem counterintuitive to many sales and marketing leaders, but once they see the evidence from their first pilot, they are convinced that it works.”

With globalized businesses and outsourced business units, aligning the patient-focused approach is even more challenging, but nonetheless worth pursuing. “Change is hard, even when it is the right thing to do for the patient and the business,” says Gerow. “Every market thinks they are different, but in, reality, we have far more similarities than differences. I would pilot new models and transfer the learning across the globe.” The possibility of a global patient-focused system has the potential to make the change more effective, less costly, and much quicker for the global pharma industry.

Overall, patient focus can generate immense opportunities for pharma to further its business goals. However, it needs confident leadership that has the courage to drive the change. “If you get the people right, the patient services, and the right frequency then you have a channel that can deliver above average results at costs that the industry has not seen,” says Gerow.’

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The full article was originally published on Please click here to read.

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