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Among the pharmaceutical industry's concerns surrounding the urgent and increasingly complex issue of drug safety under difficult economic conditions, the most prominent topic of discussion is the question of outsourcing.

Does outsourcing make sense for your company? How do you choose the right outsourcing partner? Can you be certain that outsourcing will not compromise your drug safety standards and leave you exposed to greater risks in the name of cutting costs?
Certainly, the trend in drug safety is to selectively outsource to qualified resources; however, outsourcing is not the only possible measure you can take to maintain safety as a top priority while still controlling costs. Following is a list of four areas of focus in which pharma companies, large and small, can take steps to make every dollar count. Some of these topics may seem elementary, but all are worthy of closer scrutiny and can contribute to an overall strategy for wisely allocating limited resources under escalating regulatory pressure to detect risks.

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