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Eyeforpharma recently published an article on the service representative model. The article argues that service reps are transforming Pharma to be more patient-focused – turning the traditional selling model on its head.

The article features commentary from John Gerow, Service Team Strategy Partner at Ashfield. Here’s an excerpt:

For many decades, pharma and other industries have used a sales model that relies on finding and training medical sales representatives who can call on customers to promote and sell their brands. In pharma, the ‘three key product messages’ approach has been used by many companies, along with supporting reps to build a good rapport with their customers to enable better customer relationships and improved sales. It has become increasingly apparent, however, that this model should continue to evolve in response to the changing priorities of healthcare.


Within Ashfield, the sales model has evolved in a number of ways to answer these challenges. For example, the organization has invested in advanced, customer-focused sales training and have developed their contact center services to both reinforce teams in the field and act as stand-alone selling teams. These sequential innovations help pharma succeed as accessibility continues to decrease. “However,” Gerow explains, “our service representative model is transformative. It turns the traditional selling model on its head by delivering commercial outcomes without selling at all.”

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Ashfield’s service representative teams, please get in touch with John Gerow at

The full article was originally published on Please click here to read.

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