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The incredibly talented and dedicated folks of Ashfield Commercial, Clinical & Medical Information seamlessly executed the first wave of its relocation to Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania on February 6, 2017. A huge success, the first day and the first week was a fun and historic moment in Ashfield history.

During the morning hours on the 6th, employees were greeted with green balloons and the friendly faces of our skilled tour guides and greeters. After taking in the sunny new reception area and finding their desks, employees were welcomed to their own workspace by a personalized note on their desks and branded gifts for their coffee and water needs.

A nesting phenomenon took place, with everyone unpacking their moving crates and making their space felt like home. With ample personal storage, the open concept office is streamlined and truly Ashfield inspired. Once unpacked, the next step to adjusting to a new office is coffee, coffee, coffee. Our new machines in the kitchenettes are serving up freshly ground, individually brewed specialty drinks to each employee who needs a pick me up. And for those who are loyal to their favorite brand, a short walk through the facility brings you to a café serving Starbucks.
Because coffee does not a meal make, employees must only travel a few more feet to enjoy the custom breakfast and lunch creations at the cafeteria. Many enjoyed sampling custom lunch entrees – one employee commented that she was able to enjoy a fresh veggie burger made just for her. Employees completed a survey provided by the property managers of the building to ensure Ashfield’s taste buds are happy. Salad bar, sandwich station, grill, and rotating specials make it an easy and tasty option.

The second wave completes moving on February 17, 2017 followed by additional waves of employees moving every other week through March. Call centers and support staff are now settling in on the second floor, which boasts abundant natural light and dozens of conference rooms, meeting spaces, lounge areas, coffee stations, and “romper room” to enjoy a few games during lunch break.

Darren Kluesner setting welcome kits for each employee’s desk:

Second floor employees unpacking crates and setting up for their first day:

As we collectively reflect on 20 years of growth and expansion, we are happy to join the numerous other offices globally that have been refurbished or opened anew. Keeping in the tone of the branding and vision of an ideal Ashfield work environment, Ft. Washington exudes a colorful, bright and collaborative tone that lends itself to living out our values. Open space concept makes it easy to live the Ashfield values of Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy.

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