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Ten minutes with our Creative Lead, Alex Moran This week we spent ten minutes catching up with Alex Moran, Creative Lead at Ashfield Digital & Creative. Sitting down with Alex we learnt about his journey to Ashfield Healthcare Communications, his design experience and inspiration, as well as his bucket list plans to go to space. Find out more about what a typical day of a Creative Lead within Ashfield Digital & Creative looks like.

Alex Moran, Creative Lead | Ashfield

How did you get into this role?

I started freelancing in Ashfield Digital & Creative back in November 2013 after a brief stint interning in Manchester and working in several bars post-graduation… by January I had accepted a permanent position! The atmosphere and brilliant people made it a very easy decision to stay! I’ve been here for 5 years now.

What’s a typical day like for you?

As Creative Lead, I supervise the creative process and guide the delivery of amazing brand, campaign, and design work with support from a fantastic group of designers. My day will be peppered with numerous brews and the occasional game of Fifa on the PS4 during downtime; I have a very good record against our director, Lee. It’s honestly really varied though, from pitching creative to clients or participating in ideation sessions with our agency partners, every day is interesting and fulfilling! What three words would you use to describe your role? Creative (obviously), stimulating, and varied.

Do you have a particular design style or inspiration you would like to share?

Styles and design trends change over time and I feel I’m probably too young to have a strict design ethos, but I try and encourage simplicity and a sense of intrigue in the work that goes out, a lot of the time we’re helping to communicate complex scientific information and it’s our challenge to present that in a meaningful way. I’m inspired by iconic designers like Dieter Rams or Jony Ive and their influence on design across disciplines. I also follow the work that agencies such as Pentagram and Freytag Anderson are producing.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

I’ve honestly not given this much thought, but I’d definitely love to visit Asia. I love Asian food, it’s so expressive and vibrant and I’d love to check out the Tokyo design scene. Wouldn’t it be great to go to space? It’s a little ambitious, but it’s a bucket list so why not aim high… literally.

How has Ashfield helped in your career development? The leadership team at Ashfield Digital & Creative have been very generous, the training and development has been fantastic and I’ve always been pushed to develop my creative skills through experience; whether that’s being encouraged as a junior to own project work or going out to events, design conferences or out to clients. I genuinely feel that Ashfield is unique in its investment in developing talent.

What would your advice be to an aspiring graphic designer?

Say yes to everything you can, experience widens your skillset and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone pays dividends. Be approachable but not a pushover, maintaining good working relationships is key to getting involved in the best projects but also remember that you have a really valuable alternate perspective that others won’t and sometimes you can be the only one in the room that’s ready to be brave enough to suggest the best ideas! The ability to get ideas down quickly is really valuable, getting it out of your head and onto paper is the best qualifier of an idea, and can help you cancel out the noise and move onto better.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

I’d like to be a Creative Director, I enjoy art direction, being involved in a variety of creative projects and working with a myriad of brilliant people with different talents. I hope I will continue to work with good people and that the agency carries on growing and delivering meaningful work for our amazing clients.

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