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El objetivo

  • New product in the crowded diabetes market
  • The client required a team of highly experienced medical sales representatives
  • Ideally the sales representatives had experience of selling in the diabetes market

Nuestro enfoque

  • Our syndicated sales team promoted the product to a highly targeted primary care audience of GP’s and practice nurses
  • The sales team were supported by our multichannel teams (e-detailers and concierges) focused on ‘not seen/seen once’
  • Partnership between our syndicated sales teams and multichannel teams ensured optimal target coverage and frequency
  • The sequential selling and meeting follow-up opportunities were maximised by the partnership

Los resultados

  • Sales accelerated from the first month and a new trend line was created. 100%+ of ambitious ex-factory sales target achieved YTD
  • Excellent partnership with client headcount team members ensured ongoing growth for the product
  • Team significantly exceeded DFU KPI of 40% spontaneous message recall and closing (call to action recalled). 73% achieved, contributing to maximum performance bonus pay-out by client.
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