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In 2013, one of our clients wanted to boost sales of a key medical product line by promoting it to GPs. They needed more pharmaceutical sales representatives than they had in house, so they asked us for help.



We deployed 30 medical sales representatives from our syndicated sales team who were trained on the pharmaceutical product in December 2013, ready to start promoting it in January 2014. They were set a target of 18,500 GP visits in 2014. To drive advocacy, we also set speaker meeting parameters.



The results of the sales drive were overwhelmingly positive. Within the first three months our client’s sales overtook those of their biggest competitor and they have continued to flourish. By the summer we were well ahead of the client’s expectations for GP and primary care visits, achieving 123% of our January-to-June target. By that point we had conducted 43 speaker meetings, with a further 11 planned.


The client said

“Excellent performance and a truly exceptional team of pharmaceutical sales representatives. Thank you to you and the medical sales team for all your hard work. At a recent sales meeting all the NHS liaison managers spoke highly of the Ashfield syndicated sales team and their continued contribution to our healthcare brand. Keep up the great work!”

Sales Director


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