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El objetivo

  • Our client wanted to share results from their clinical trials in a format suitable to be understood by patient.
  • Our medical writers had to convey complex information and concepts in an engaging format for a lay audience.
  • The client’s ultimate goal was to establish a leadership position in patient communications.

Nuestro enfoque

  • Our creative experts worked with our medical writers to develop an infographic for communicating clinical trial data.
  • The format of the infographic allowed information to be presented visually and through accompanying short text.
  • This layout allowed the medical information to be accessed by diverse audience types and different learning styles

Los resultados

  • The client engaged us to use Ashfield Healthcare Communications’ approach for all their clinical studies due to complete from mid-2016.
  • We received positive feedback from a committee of the European body overseeing the initiative.
  • Consistent with our recommendations, the client plans to include patient review in the development of subsequent infographics to optimise relevance and usability.
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