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World-class sales and marketing support for pharma

Ashfield is Turkey’s leading outsourcing partner for the sales and marketing of products from the pharma, biotech, medical technology and functional foods sectors.

Previously known as Pharmexx and Taymed, Ashfield Turkey has around 300 contract sales representatives and offers a world-class service with local expertise. Our team is made up of professionals with a pharmaceutical, medical and commercial background who develop and implement highly successful sales and marketing strategies.

We offer a flexible service to our clients, working as long-term strategic partners or for a limited period to deliver short-term impact. Our goals are to successfully access new target groups or to expand in new geographical markets.
Our mission is to:

• Perfectly understand our clients’ needs.
• Be fully competent in the industry and expert in the service we provide.
• Design and implement custom-made solutions.
• Provide world-class quality in service delivery.
• Be fully transparent with our clients.
• Deliver the results we promise.

As an international business, there are a variety of additional services such as healthcare communications, meetings and events and medical information which we can provide in Turkey.

ISO27001 certificate

Our history

Ashfield’s presence in Turkey began in 1995, with the establishing of Taymed in Istanbul. By 2001, Taymed had become the market-leading contract sales organisation (CSO) in Turkey. In 2006, the company became part of Pharmexx, Europe’s largest CSO provider to the pharmaceutical industry and in 2011, Pharmexx became part of Ashfield.


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Estambul, Turquía

Pakpen Plaza Sahrayıcedit Mahallesi Halk Sokak,
No: 44 Kat : 1 Kadıköy

+90 216 251 76 76

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Serdar Çelebi

General Manager

+90 216 251 76 76

Cemal Özgürel

Sales Force Effectiveness Manager


No se trata solo de lo que hacemos, sino de la forma en que lo hacemos. Descubra de que va The Ashfield Way.

Desde nuestros modestos comienzos allá por 1997, Ashfield ha crecido rápidamente hasta convertirse en una organización internacional de servicios de atención sanitaria.

Siendo parte de UDG Healthcare plc, Ashfield cuenta con ocho áreas de experiencia, más de 6,000 empleados y oficinas en Europa, América del Norte y del Sur y Asia. El éxito continuado de Ashfield y su creciente reputación demuestran que la empresa realmente ofrece excelencia a sus clientes