Patient support programmes

We believe in designing PSPs around patients’ needs, treating people as individuals to improve their adherence, outcomes and everyday lives.

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Hands-on patient care

Our nurse teams are experts in delivering safe, supportive, high-quality services in patients’ homes, communities and hospitals.

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Healthcare professional education

Our nurse-led educational sessions focus on the practicalities of optimising patient outcomes in specific disease or clinical settings.

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Our patient support services

We’re a leading provider of innovative and scalable patient support services, led by highly qualified nurses. With over 16 years’ experience in recruiting, training and managing nurses for our programmes, we work across many therapy areas, including rare conditions. In every case, we design our services around patients’ needs, achieving better outcomes for everyone.

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Ashfield offers a wide range of world-class, market leading services that include medical sales teams, telesales, nurse educators, patient support programmes, medical communications, medical information, meetings and events, market research, pharmacovigilance and training.