Healthcare professional education

HCP, patient and carer education

Ashfield Clinical delivers tailored education, to groups and in one-on-one settings, that focuses on optimising patient care and outcomes.

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Healthcare professional education

We develop and deliver modular educational sessions that achieve learning objectives and cover the practicalities of optimising patient care outcomes in a particular disease or clinical setting.

Whether the education is centred on disease, device or service delivery, we ensure the programme flexibly meets the needs of local clinicians, policies and guidelines.

Patient and carer education

We deliver tailored supplementary patient education, often in conjunction with the delivery of a clinical service. This has proven to be an invaluable aid to patient adherence. Our services support the needs of the individual and can be delivered in any appropriate setting.

Patient quote, having spoken to one of our nurses
“The nurse was phenomenal: in-depth, personal and taught me more about my disease than my doctor did.” (patient)

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