The Ashfield Solution

An agile, multi-channel engagement model for maximum impact, designed to help pharmaceutical companies maintain or improve ROI and optimise investment.

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Dedicated sales teams

Experts in recruiting, we build powerful primary care, speciality and pharmacy sales teams. They’re aligned with your specific goals and culture, and deliver real results fast.

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Contact centre

We’ve created state-of-the-art contact centres across 11 countries, with 750 highly trained representatives ready to help you and your customers.

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Vacancy management

Drawing on our vast database of talented sales representatives and medical professionals, we quickly fill your vacant roles with high-quality candidates.

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Our sales solutions

We’re the No.1 contract sales organisation in 10 European countries, working flexibly so our clients can deploy powerful sales teams, fast. With over 4,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives, hospital specialists, key account managers and medical science liaisons worldwide, we’ve got a reputation for genuine partnerships and talented people. But that's not all. We continually innovate, invest and use intelligent analytics to maximise our customers’ returns, every time.

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Ashfield offers a wide range of world-class, market leading services that include medical sales teams, telesales, nurse educators, patient support programmes, medical communications, medical information, meetings and events, market research, pharmacovigilance and training.