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Brand team excellence

Ashfield Insight & Performance leverages its extensive commercial experience within the healthcare industry to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-functional brand teams.

In today’s complex healthcare environment, good cross-functional working is key to successful brand performance. Ashfield Insight & Performance consultants can draw on their extensive commercial experience in the healthcare industry to design and deliver solutions to encourage and enhance cross-functional working to achieve business goals.

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  • Brand challenge workshops

    Strong strategic brand plans require good cross-functional input to get customer-focused analytical and strategic thinking aligned to the brand planning framework. A brand challenge workshop provides the space, challenge and support for cross-functional brand teams to refine and strengthen their brand plan:

    • Cross-functional brand teams prepare key elements of their strategic brand plan presentations, and get feedback and challenge from Ashfield Insight & Performance’s senior marketing consultants
    • The brand teams present their full plan to the other teams and receive feedback and questions from their colleagues, supported by a brand plan checklist
    • By the end of the workshop, the brand teams have a clear action plan, which will enable them to finalize their strategic brand plans

  • Live action workshops

    Live action workshops provide an opportunity for cross-functional teams to work together and apply more in-depth thinking to address issues or unlock opportunities for their brand in real time, with challenge and support from an expert Ashfield Insight & Performance facilitator. This approach:

    • Has an immediate impact for the brand, achieving tangible results during the workshop
    • Identifies any remaining gaps / information needs, and action plans to resolve them
    • Enables the brand to benefit from their customer knowledge and experience of the broader cross-functional team, and address key issues or unlock opportunities
    • Ensures better alignment across functions in developing and delivering the brand strategy or solutions

  • Business simulation workshops

    We can develop highly relevant business simulations and facilitate workshops to reinforce and encourage the positive behaviors of  good collaborative cross-functional working. One example is a simulation to get a multi-functional, customer-facing team to work effectively together towards territory or account goals such as achieving market access for a brand launch. During the course of these business simulation workshops:

    • The multi-functional, customer-facing team works through a series of exercises to identify, align and deliver value-based opportunities for their brand
      • Some exercises focus on business analysis, planning and communication skills
      • Other exercises specifically address the importance of team behaviors

  • Brand development consultancy

    Our consultants can leverage their expertise to work with your brand team, and help them implement commercial excellence to address the issues your brand is facing. Click here to find out  more.

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