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Contact centres are an increasingly popular way for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to target customers in a more holistic way than field medical sales reps alone.

Most commonly, medical contact centres involve highly trained sales reps interacting with healthcare professionals via phone (tele-detailing) or a web-based platform (interactive e-detailing). These channels can be implemented at any stage of the product lifecycle to complement field teams, reinforce product messages, reach hard-to-access areas and promote mature brands without additional field reps.

Since 2011, Ashfield has been the trusted, experienced, international contact centre partner of choice, bringing our clients responsive, multichannel services that are proven to grow sales and promote brand awareness.

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Contact centre partner of choice

• Pioneers of outsourced contact centres since 2011.

• A commitment to continual investment in technology, people, governance and services.

• 750 highly trained contact centre reps speaking 20 languages and working across a broad range of therapy areas. These include cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes, rheumatology, oncology, women’s health, neurology, nutrition, devices, vaccines, anti-infectives, dental care, generics and animal health.

• Dedicated centres with state of the art facilities in 11 countries (UK, US, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Spain and Turkey), and trusted delivery partners in France, Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

• More than 100 client accounts with the leading names in pharma.

Remote e-Representative of the Year 2016 and 2017 (UK PF Awards).

A range of contact centre services

At Ashfield we offer a comprehensive suite of contact centre services, including:

Tele-detailing: Trained reps interacting with healthcare professionals over the phone to educate customers and promote products.

Interactive e-detailing: Like tele-detailing, but these reps communicate with healthcare professionals via a web-based platform in order to share visual information regarding products.

Hybrid: Multi-skilled reps working effectively across larger territories by using a blend of communication channels, including face-to-face meetings, tele-detailing and interactive e-detailing.

Concierge service: A great asset to our sales teams, the concierge service sets appointments, takes requests for promotional material, recruits healthcare professionals to meetings and does a lot of the background work that allows our reps to get on and do what they do best.

Stakeholder mapping: Desk-based research to identify key targets and information gathering on channel preference and best times to call – all informing the optimum targeting and channel strategy to reach customers effectively.

Customer service: Our expert customer service team handles customer queries, processes product orders and reinforces a positive experience of the brand, helping to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and retention.

Medical information: Our 24/7 service provides vital product and safety information. This highly trained team are the voice of our client and are skilled at resolving issues.

Patient support: Just as we interact with healthcare professionals via web and phone, we can also use these channels to communicate with patients, provide personalised treatment support and improve adherence. Better adherence levels lead to better patient outcomes and better results for your product.

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