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Ashfield Insight & Performance leverages its extensive commercial experience within the healthcare industry to ensure the application of excellence for your organisation

Commercial excellence for your organisation

Ashfield Insight & Performance consultants can help you to apply leading edge commercial excellence thinking to your brands and leadership/organisational excellence to your business. All consultants have worked in various commercial roles in healthcare for a minimum of 15 years in consumer, device, animal health and pharma environments at global, regional and local levels. Our extensive experience means we understand the challenges you face, and can help you overcome your issues and optimise your commercial success.

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  • Marketing process development and implementation

    With our extensive experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we can provide you with robust marketing processes built on marketing excellence principles that work in the real world, not just in theory. We develop processes that are practical, insightful and flexible, allowing application across the whole variety of markets,  including:

    • Customer insight development process to aid the development and activation of insight
    • Brand planning process for established brands, including the planning cycle, framework and brand planning templates
    • Launch planning process for launch optimisation, including milestones, framework and launch planning templates

    We can also help you with communication and employee engagement, and with the implementation of new marketing excellence processes,  including:

    • Branding of the marketing excellence process to give it a clear identity
    • Communication planning and implementation to optimize employee engagement with the new process
    • Developing and delivering training to embed the new process across the organisation
    • Reviewing brand or launch plans to evaluate implementation of processes and identify any areas for further skills development

  • Sales and key account management process development and implementation

    We can leverage our commercial healthcare and sales excellence experience to develop robust processes, which will enhance the performance of your sales and KAM teams, including:

    • Sales models to aid the consistency of the selling approach and enhance levels of in-call performance
    • Customer engagement models to shape customer interactions, which encourage customer-centric thinking whilst reflecting the company culture and brand needs
    • Account planning process, including toolkit/templates, to enable effective and impactful account planning

    We can also help you to implement models/processes and get the buy-in of the sales force or KAM teams by developing interactive, attractive and engaging training aligned to the new model or process. We can  also develop associated ‘Train-the-Trainer’ programs to enable local managers to roll out training directly to their teams.

  • Brand development consultancy

    With our extensive industry experience, our consultants will leverage their expertise, working with your brand teams to help implement marketing excellence and address issues that your brand is facing. Our approaches include:

    • Brand workshops to apply marketing excellence, utilising your internal process/approach
    • Review of specific marketing elements and support to address particular issues (e.g. customer segmentation)
    • Review of brand plans and constructive feedback on how to strengthen them

  • Leadership

    All of our consultants have expert facilitation skills, so they can work with you on the creation and implementation of a strategic vision at a company, division or team level. We can do this  by:

    • Working with the leadership team to facilitate the creation of strategic vision and missions within organisations, followed by its implementation
    • Facilitating workshops to align teams to enable them to achieve their goals by:
      • Defining the vision, and the roles and responsibilities for achieving it
      • Improving cross-functional or multi-disciplinary teamworking
    • Identifying and implementing strategies for improving leadership competencies at all levels

  • Organisational

    The culture of your organization affects every aspect of how you work, both with your customers and with each other. We can identify how employee alignment and engagement might be improved, using the Denison Organisational Culture Model/Survey® and work with you to build a high-performance culture, creating strategic  advantage.

    We can also help you to build an organization that is better able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances by developing a change management model and associated toolkit. The change management model is  designed to be flexible enough to fit the requirements of every role, address issues faced by each functional level and the full range of unique change challenges faced across the business during the change  management process. We can also help you with employee communication and engagement, and provide an agile change training program to embed the new approach across the  organization.

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Ashfield offers a wide range of world-class, market leading services that include medical sales teams, telesales, nurse educators, patient support programmes, medical communications, medical information, meetings and events, market research and training.

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