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Disease and product blended learning

Ashfield Insight & Performance is a leader in the development of pharmaceutical blended learning solutions, with a specialist team focused on the design and development of disease and product training.

Our PhD qualified pharmaceutical training writers combine their experience in developing scientific content (including referencing) with instructional design expertise, based on best-practice adult learning principles.

We design, develop and deliver disease and product training across all media for a blended-learning experience that delivers disease and product knowledge excellence to your team. We develop and deliver training in a wide range of languages, and tailor it to meet local requirements and needs.

Click on the following to find out more about our disease and product training solutions:

  • Pre-launch and launch

    Blended learning designed to embed key knowledge, with a strong focus on implementation of learning in practice:

    • eLearning modules or interactive PDFs, tailored to meet the needs of the target audience and utilising different learning formats such as interactive exercises and videos/animation, in order to engage as well as inform
    • Videos to demonstrate best practice
    • Digital mini lectures, enabling subject matter experts to explain how the scientific content is applied in real life
    • Online and printable manuals, providing the best balance of in-depth content and key learning summaries
    • eLearning assessments, designed to be fun and interactive but also to assess knowledge acquisition and application ahead of the launch training
    • Classroom training, using a wide variety of engaging activities and media to embed knowledge and practise real-world application, such as role plays, objection handling simulations, etc.
    • Assessing application of learning in practice, with work-based projects or action plans and coaching guides for line managers

  • Validation

    Robust validation to objectively assess and certify compliant application of knowledge:

    • Using a variety of mechanisms such as role plays (which can utilise real healthcare professionals), vivas and written tests (paper- based or digital)

  • Post-launch

    Practical, relevant and engaging learning assets to reinforce learning in the long-term:

    • Bite-sized learning assets to reinforce learning and practical application, using a variety of appropriate formats such as quick reference guides and FAQs, checklists, best-practice interactive videos, objection handling apps, coaching guides, etc.
    • Virtual tutorials with pre-work to check understanding of key clinical data and ability to communicate implications to customers
    • Regular digital-based quizzes to consolidate learning, ensure understanding and transfer key learning points to memory

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