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Vacancy management

Offering a tailored and effective staffing solution to reduce the risk and costs associated with fixed-term headcount recruitment.

Reduce the risks associated with fixed-term headcount recruitment

Short-to-medium term vacancies in your organisation, whether temporary or permanent, are a huge challenge for the lean sales force. Recruiting and training the right candidate can be time consuming and costly, particularly when the vacancy is short term. That’s why more and more pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are using vacancy management to:

  • Avoid sales decline in vacant territories
  • Capitalise on high market potential territories
  • Reduce lost selling time
  • De-risk the recruitment process

As the leading Contract Sales Organisation (CSO) in 12 European countries, Ashfield has 20 years’ experience of transitioning people from our company to yours and we understand the importance of finding the right people. Drawing from our vast database of medical sales representatives and medical professionals, we’re able to find high-quality candidates, fast.


We don’t stop at sourcing…

VM+ is our unique, bespoke staffing solution that’s tailored to your needs and ensures that our people are field ready, remote enabled and continuously upskilled. With VM+ we accelerate reps to meet optimal performance, so that our employees are supported by the latest multichannel technology and hit the ground running with appointment booking.

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