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External expert engagement connected across multiple channels

Wouldn’t it be great if you . . .

– Had a robust, 360° process for identifying and profiling contemporary external experts in both traditional and digital spaces?

– Found a customized, flexible and dynamic solution to ensure that external expert identification is aligned to your specific objectives?

– Were able to capture peer nominations to truly understand networks and real-world connections?

– Knew that communication would be consistent, relevant and compliant with guidelines and codes of practice?

– Could define a clear strategy for external expert engagement and create credible programs and tactics?

Our proprietary approach for identifying, mapping and profiling your external experts – which we call eX3 – is built upon a foundation of industry-leading insights, innovation and excellence. From planning your strategy to planning your tactics, execution to engagement, our contemporary range of modular services will create a customized platform for the identification and subsequent engagement of respected external experts across multiple channels.

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