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The healthcare environment is more open and transparent than it has ever been. More and more patients are taking the initiative and utilising the wealth of accessible information that digital offers to self-diagnose, question experts, seek opinions, engage in conversations, and collaborate and empathise with other patients. In short, they are becoming a more powerful influencer within the healthcare ecosystem.

At Ashfield Healthcare Communications we believe that is a good thing. Partnerships, collaborations, co-creation and a shared desire to improve patient lives is an ethos shared by pharma companies, healthcare professionals and patients. Where we fit in is in helping that process along; facilitating discussions, understanding patients’ needs and ensuring communications and activities are planned and delivered.

Our Patient Engagement team utilises the immense scientific resource available at Ashfield and combines that with robust insights and evidence-based strategy to ensure that our clients are engaging in the right way, at the right time with the right people.

Our experience includes:

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By partnering with Ashfield, you will get access to a dedicated team of experts who will employ innovative approaches to deliver creative solutions that result in holistic, integrated programmes for patients; demonstrating value to all healthcare stakeholders and transforming the healthcare landscape.

Combine this breadth of medical communications expertise with Ashfield Clinical - the leading provider of innovative, flexible and scalable nursing solutions – and you will also benefit from over 17+ years’ experience in recruiting, accrediting, training and managing, outstanding nurse-led programmes. This team of experts design and deliver programmes that put patients and practitioners first, adding value and maintaining trust.

To understand more about how we can help you reach your audiences, wherever they are watch this video below.


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