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Innovative methods delivering evidence-based insights

Three areas of expertise providing complete marketing insight including: quantitative research, qualitative research and business analysis.

Quantitative research

All of our programmes contain leading-edge technology and advanced methodologies to deliver robust and insightful evidence to guide your brand strategy. We’ll advise you on the most appropriate techniques to meet your research objectives, and crucially, we can translate this complex information into clear, useful recommendations to help you move forward. Plus, we include customised interactive dashboards in all our projects, allowing you to visualise and drill-down into your data. The wide range of analysis techniques we offer are listed below

Study Objectives

• Market landscape evaluation
• Product profile evaluation
• Product profile optimisation
• Forecasting
• Positioning
• Segmentation
• Materials testing: concepts and messages
• Usage and attitude tracking

Analysis techniques

• Interactive dashboards
• Significance testing (chi-squared, t-tests)
• MaxDiff and Conjoint
• Correspondence mapping
• Factor and cluster analysis
• Regression modelling

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Qualitative research

Using a range of advanced NLP-based methodologies, we can gain valuable in-depth understanding of an individual’s cognitive processes. These determine how your brand is perceived and what attitudes it is forming, good and bad. We can also discover the motivation behind attitudes and how this drives behaviour. The methodologies and techniques we use are constantly evolving, but typically include synaesthesia, mood boards, thematic apperception test, virtual and digital approaches. These can be used to address many types of research listed below.

• Concept testing
• Message testing
• Detail aid and story flow testing
• Exploratory market understanding
• Market segmentation
• Brand positioning
• Product profile testing
• Brand perception

Business analysis
We have an in-house team of business analysts who specialise in patient-based forecasting, market simulation (what-if scenario modelling), benchmarking and bespoke business analysis projects tailored to meet your needs.

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