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Medical science liaison (MSLs)

Recruiting the best Medical Science Liaison candidates

Communicating critical medical and scientific information

Our global team of Medical Science Liaison (MSLs) experts is a trusted source of unbiased, accurate, up-to-date medical and scientific knowledge. We offer an agile and comprehensive service, from deploying MSL teams to providing in-depth training programmes and ongoing materials to support engagement with healthcare professionals.

Recruiting the best Medical Science Liaison candidates

We use our unparalleled recruitment experience to select the highest quality MSL candidates; those with PhDs, medical and scientific research backgrounds and experience in pharmaceutical research. We also look for great communicators – a vital skill that will enable them to engage in high-level science conversations with healthcare professionals.

In-depth knowledge

Whereas sales reps are more likely to present pre-approved sales materials, MSLs need more in-depth knowledge of specific therapy areas and clinical trial data, giving them the confidence to think on their feet and respond to the conversation flow.

MSLs effectively communicate the science, but at the same time also need to ask the right questions to gain insights from the market, such as HCPs’ opinions on treatment regimens and unmet needs.

High-quality materials

To support our MSLs we provide a wide range of engaging materials, such as posters, slide decks, animations, videos and infographics, to enable them to describe complex scientific concepts in a memorable way.

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