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Committed to ensuring your event is a logistical success

We ensure everything that needs to be in place, is in place, so your event is a total success. From site inspections and permissions, to looking after attendees and post-event analytics – it’s all taken care of by our event logistics experts.

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  • Pre-event

    You will be assigned a project lead who will have strategic meeting oversight and provide you with one point of contact.

  • Pre-event

    We will provide comprehensive timelines, conduct health and safety and risk assessments and produce a comprehensive contingency plan.

  • Pre-event

    We will distribute all meeting materials and act as the day-to-day liaison with attendees and speakers including their travel arrangements.

  • On-site

    Your on-site team will manage the logistics of the event from the first arrival to last departure.

  • On-site

    This includes briefing suppliers, conducting final checks on the venues, arrangements and schedules, coordinating attendee management and providing a consistent point of contact through staffed information desks.

  • On-site

    We will also manage, track and capture any changes to report on HCP transfer of value (ToV) and ensure compliance at all times.

  • Post-event

    The event does not end when we oversee the last attendee departure. We set de-brief meetings on-site with all suppliers.

  • Post-event

    We provide evaluations to attendees on the experience and learnings and coordinate the cascade of messaging through agreed multi-channel platforms to extend the lifecycle of the event.

  • Post-event

    We also provide reports on agreed metrics to demonstrate the impact and return on objectives. From a financial perspective we will provide an analysis and detailed itemised breakdown of event accounts according to your requirements and ToV reporting.

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